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A digital product designer finishing up M.Des in interaction design from NID Bangalore. Winner of Nasscom's Design4India 2019 and Adobe's Top Talent List 2019

2019 Digital Products Case Studies

I am fortunate to have worked with and learn from extremely passionate people early in my career. I am humbled by what they have to say about my work.

Karthik Narayan

CTO, Auro

Bharat worked on my company's app design and did an impressive job in very little time. I found him to be responsive to the timelines, good at communicating across the team and extremely flexible to change requests.

The maturity he displayed in understanding business requirements, user journeys, brand values and tying them into a cohesive design was indeed commendable, especially considering that he was a student. 
Highly recommend him.

Deepak Shankaran

Associate Engineering Manager, Tally Solutions

I worked with Bharat to design and develop some of the key aspects of the UX refresh project at Tally. Bharat has displayed an obvious penchant when it comes to all things design. His immensely creative insights, and know-how of functional aspects of UX were detrimental in closing several designs. Always eager to deliver, Bharat has always provided quality sketches/visualizations quickly, that greatly helped in rapid closure of designs. Expecting great things from him in the years to come!

Manisha Panda

Head, Sigma IIM Bangalore

“Ridiculously efficient” is the word that comes to my mind when I reflect on my working experience with Bharat. He designed a logo for my club at IIM Bangalore which was simple, significant as well was sleek and modern. I found his method of approaching the design problem very effective. He was very meticulous and methodical at each step of the process which saved us a lot of time and energy. He focused on what I needed and was constantly trying to make sense of my random train of expectations from this logo. “It’s rare that you come across such a talented yet grounded designer”

Ashwin Jain

Founder, Pomato

Bharat took care of designs in the early days of Pomato. He is very creative and detail oriented. His approach to understand and solve problems makes him an asset for the organisation he works with. I like his insights and would love to work with him in future.

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